- antisocial personality disorder, a species of psychopathy. Personality disorder characterized by disregard for social norms, impulsivity, aggression and the inability to maintain stable interpersonal relationships.

For people suffering from sociopathy - antisocial psychopaths are characterized by the following symptoms: impatience and irritability, antisocial psychopaths often criticize others, but not himself, their failures are blamed on the mistakes of others or circumstances, antisocial psychopaths (hereinafter sociopaths) are completely indifferent to the rights of others, including their families and even their own children. Sociopaths do not perceive morality, quite shamelessly lying, prone to fraud. They are only interested in their own interests, their own benefit, but only in the short term; long-term consequences of their actions of little concern. They usually act impulsively and are not inclined to planning. They are not afraid of threats and punishments and future dangers. On their own actions they will never regret and are not inclined to learn from them. Some are not prone to systematic work.

These personality traits often lead sociopaths to commit crimes, and as a consequence, to stay in prison. Often they become leaders of criminal gangs, drug addicts or alcohol abuse.


Is diagnosed in the presence of three or more criteria:


Sociopaths, by definition, are not able to establish a stable therapeutic relationship, although it may give a specific result of holding family or couples therapy. Drug treatment should arrest the attendant anxiety and depressive symptoms, impulsivity. By the appointment of tranquilizers and barbiturates should be treated with caution based on the fact that these patients are a high risk for substance abuse. The overall prognosis for purely medical treatment - neutral in the combined - rather positive.


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